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Anna Hang was born and raised in Vietnam.  She discovered her passion for art at a very young age.  As far as she can remember, she loved to paint and draw.   As a child, she participated in many art exhibitions and won many awards for her artwork.  Over the years, she constantly worked on her artistry and dreamt of becoming a famous painter one day. 


Unfortunately, poor economic circumstances in her homeland caused her to put her artwork aside to join the family business.  Though she felt financially responsible to support her family, as a true artist, she was unable to forget about her passion.  She studied make up art, floral arranging, and fashion design to satisfy her creative interests and skills.  Yet there was always a yearning for more, and to find a profession that she truly loved.


After she married,  Anna Hang was able to financially support herself and with her husband’s encouragement, began to study tattoo art with the Department of Tattooing Art in Vietnam.  She soon realized how much she loved tattooing, even more than painting.  She was one of the first female government certified Tattoo Artist at that time. From there, she started a tattoo shop next to her home, and through her workmanship and talent, became one of the most popular tattoo artists in Vietnam. 


Since 2010  Anna Hang and her husband, Peter, have been running a successful tattoo shop in Orange County.  Her professional success shows in customer satisfaction, the many referrals she has received from her colleagues and clients, and thousand of miles her clients travel to work with her. 

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We are conveniently located in sunny Orange County. We operate in a very clean, sterile, and private office environment. Our office provides modern medical equipment, brand new steamer machines, and completely new tattoo needles for each client.
We want to make you happy, satisfied, and lucky by our art work engraved on your body