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Our Tattoo shop


We are conveniently located in sunny Orange County.  We operate in a very clean, sterile, and private office environment.  Our office provides modern medical equipment, brand new steamer machines, and completely new tattoo needles for each client. 


We specialize in all types of tattoo art, 3D, portrait tattoos, full back, and cover up and/or repair of damaged tattoos and birthmarks.  Our clients that need cover up and repair of old tattoos are always very satisfied with their new tattoos as we are able to create a new style that they love.


Our design process starts with a discussion of the clients’ needs, and ideas on what artwork they want.   We have many catalogues of tattoo art that customers can choose from, and/or get their ideas from.   



Anna Hang was born and raised in Vietnam. She discovered her passion for art at a very young age. As far as she can remember, she loved to paint and draw. As a child, she participated in many art exhibitions and won many awards for her artwork. Over the years, she constantly worked on her artistry and dreamt of becoming a famous painter one day.
We want to make you happy, satisfied, and lucky by our art work engraved on your body